Parking Services

Our Car Park Attendants are hard working, efficient team who have received accolades from past and current Clients for their exemplary professionalism and hard work at various events.

ESP Staff like their counter parties Traffic Controllers, they understanding of traffic flow patterns and subsequent ability to identify potential issues and work diligently to resolve them before they can escalate has seen them earn high praise from Clients and Management alike. The ability to work as a cohesive team to park cars safely and maximise the number of car parks available to patrons is credit to their years of extensive experience at various events.

Car parking doesn't end once cars are parked. The ability to control the large flow of traffic from the car park at the conclusion of the event is paramount to the safety of patrons leaving the event and the general public travelling past the event. ESP Staff offer a complete package from pre event bump in to the actual event, finishing with the bump out.

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