About Event Staff Personnel (ESP)

We would like to take some time to introduce Event Staff Personnel (ESP) to you and how we can benefit your events as we are owned and operated in Western Australia.

We believe in our staff to create meaningful, comfortable atmosphere to achieve a memorable result for every event experience by providing ambassadors / event staff with the right qualifications to represent your event.

Our primary goal is to present quality & reliable staff.

You’ll be pleased to know that our services go well beyond presenting the unique talent you need. Behind the scenes, you can count on a smooth start-to-finish process, managed by our experienced Event Managers and Team Leaders. We oversee staff training and event reporting, with accurate and timely invoicing.

We are passionate about providing our clients with not just event staff, but ambassadors who represent your events with excellence, and care about your consumer experience. Our team is personally dedicated and focused on quality and reliability – the right ambassadors for your event, where and when you need them.

We only employ trained event staff who will ensure the day is a complete success, providing a professional service and avoiding the high cost and unpredictability of agency staff.

Whether you are looking for a large group or an individual, our event staff will always look the part, delivering a dedicated service which will leave a lasting impression each time.

ESP can provide the following:

All staff are RSA qualified
Customer Service
Dealing with VIP’s
Ambassador Services
Ticket Staff
Cash Office personnel
Gate Staff
Parking Services
Promotional Staff

Clients often comment on our friendly and professional attitudes

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.